Payroll and Employment

Find out best practices in hiring and employment for your contractor business

Employee v Contractor

Employee v Contractor: 10 Major Differences (And How to Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of)

Deciding on being engaged as an employee v contractor can be two very different things despite a lot of similarities ...
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Single Touch Payroll

The 2021 Ultimate Guide to Single Touch Payroll (STP)

Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a new method of reporting tax and superannuation information to the ATO. Your payroll or ...
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Hiring Your First Employee

3 Crucial Steps to Successfully Hiring Your First Employee

What to look out for when hiring your first employee Looking at hiring your first employee? Achieving entrepreneurial success isn’t ...
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A Guide to Employer Obligations

A 2300 Word Ultimate Guide to Understanding Employer Obligations

Understanding Employer Obligations As an employer, it’s imperative to understand that your employer obligations extend further than the monetary compensation ...
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How to Pay Super as an Employer

The #1 Guide on How to Pay Super as an Employer

If you have stumbled upon this article, then chances are you want to learn how to pay super as an ...
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