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Essential tax planning advice for your contractor business

accountant for doctors

How To Choose The Best Accountant for Doctors

Medical professionals constantly juggle their day-to-day practice with the business side of things.  But let's face it, as a doctor, ...
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tax deductions for doctors

The 9 Best Tax Deductions For Doctors

Doctors are among the highest-earning professionals in Australia. And the higher the income, the higher the marginal tax rate. But ...
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Teacher Tax Deductions Thumbnail

The Ultimate Guide on Teacher Tax Deductions

Did you know that as a teacher or as someone working in education, you’re entitled to various industry-specific, teacher tax ...
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Reduce Taxable Income - Individuals

8 Ways on How to Reduce Taxable Income for Individuals in Australia

Although paying tax is inevitable, most people want to determine how to reduce taxable income. Did you know that through ...
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Work from Home Deductions

6 Working From Home Deductions You Can Claim

If you’re an employee who works from home, you may be able to claim a deduction for your working from ...
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personal services income banner image

Personal Services Income: 4 Steps To Tell If You’re Subject to PSI Rules

Following the Review of Business Taxation report in 1999, various recommendations were made due to growing concerns that individuals were ...
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Questions to Ask Your Accountant

6 Questions To Ask Your Accountant That Can Save You Thousands

So, you may have recently switched accountants, or you may have just started a new business venture. Perhaps you've just ...
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Main Residence CGT Exemption

7 Scenarios That Affect Your Main Residence CGT Exemption

If you own property and use it as your main residence then generally you are eligible for the main residence ...
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The Ultimate Investment Property Tax Guide

The Ultimate Investment Property Tax Guide 2019

What types of investment property tax apply? There are two types of investment property tax that apply to investment properties ...
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What is a TPAR

The Ultimate Guide on TPAR

Tax Payments Annual Report, otherwise known as TPAR, is a specific report that must be lodged by businesses to the ...
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How Do Tax Deductions Work Australia

How Do Tax Deductions Work? (Turning a $250 Tax Bill to a $2,500 Tax Refund)

Many people hear about tax deductions but don't precisely understand how tax deductions work in Australia. So the obvious question ...
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Tax Minimisation - Reduce Your BAS

3 Easy Ways Towards Business Tax Minimisation & Pay Less on BAS

One of the most common questions concerning tax minimisation I get asked from small business owners and contractors: whether I ...
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Contractor Business Tax Deductions

The Ultimate Guide to Business Tax Deductions for Contractors (2021)

Figuring out your contractor business tax deductions and what expenses can be claimed on your business can cause incredible confusion ...
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ATO Payment Arrangement

7 Detailed Steps to Successfully Organising ATO Payment Arrangements

Organising ATO payment arrangements can help with dealing with tax debts that can be stressful, especially with those unpaid monthly ...
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Taking Money Out of a Limited Company

4 Ways to Taking Money Out of a Limited Company

Taking money out of a limited company for personal use Many contractors choose to operate out of a Pty Ltd ...
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buying a car through a company feature image

Everything You Should Know Buying a Car Through a Company

Buying a car through a company under general circumstances would afford you the benefit of a healthy claim on GST ...
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