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Work out the true cost of your employees to your business

Calculate the real cost of your employees using our employee cost calculator

The cost of your employee is not simply just the hourly rate or the salary you offer to them.

Are you including in your calculations the cost of the benefits they are entitled to? Do you pay insurance to cover your employees and your business? Have you factored in your superannuation and the contribution rate you’re offering?

All these factors (and more) play a part in accurately judging how much your employee truly costs your business. This is not easily determined as every situation is different.

As an employer in Australia, you should know that all employees are entitled, by law, to superannuation contributions, annual holiday leave, sick leave, public holiday loading and many more.

Therefore, working out the cost of your employee can be quite difficult!

Use the calculator below to help you figure out the true cost of your employee. The calculator will determine a figure based on the minimum compulsory entitlements that your employee should receive.

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Gross Employee Salary

Inclusive of income tax

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Work Entitlements

Check the boxes if the employee is entitled to the following while working as an employee:

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Other Associated Costs

Workers' Compensation & Public Liability Insurance

Average may vary - usually around 2% of gross salary

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Is superannuation added on top of your salary/wage (base salary plus superannuation)

Note: leave unchecked if the salary/wage includes superannuation.
This means that your salary was packaged.
Check this if you need to add superannuation on top of the gross salary.

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Payroll Tax

What are the total current annual wages paid by the business?

Note: Cost is calculated based on NSW Payroll Tax rates

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Employee Cost Estimator

Estimated total cost

Summary of Calculations

Total Annual Cost of Employee


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Disclaimer: Many of the comments above are general in nature and anyone intending to apply the information to practical circumstances should seek professional advice to verify the applicability to their own circumstances. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this calculator, the results should be used as an indication only. It doesn’t take into account all circumstances and they are not a guarantee of the true cost of your employee.

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