Benefits of Becoming a Contractor

A new wave of contractors has hit many industries and the old views of working for one stable job for the rest of your life is out the window.  If you are independent and work in a highly specialised industry, there will come a time that you have the skills and experience to become a contractor in your industry. There are definitely cons in working as a contractor as well. The most common problem is the job security. However, the millennial generation tends to switch jobs every 2 years anyway. So why not?

If you are still considering it, here is a list of benefits of becoming a contractor:

  1. Be your own boss
    No more office politics and performance reviews all year around.
  2. Work/life balance
    Choose your own hours and where to work which means more time doing the things you love.
  3. Get paid more
    As a contractor you take care of your own leave, superannuation, taxes, insurance and other responsibilities as a result you generally get paid more to compensate for that.
  4. Control over your level of expertise
    You are able to decide on what jobs to do to further develop your career and experience.
  5. Freedom and flexibility
    There is no need to plan your holidays around work anymore.
  6. Paid for the work you do
    No more unpaid overtime to finish projects.