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The Ultimate Guide on Land Tax

As an investor, there are several property taxes that you need to be aware of, one of them being a ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Directors Fees ATO

Are you feeling uncertain when it comes to paying directors’ fees and being compliant with the ATO? You’re not alone.  ...
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Essential Things You Need to Know About Payroll Tax

Payroll tax is tax payable where a business’s wages exceed specific thresholds that are imposed by each state or territory.  ...
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JobMaker Scheme Thumbnail

The Essential Guide to the JobMaker Scheme

As part of the road to recovery from the harsh economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian Government introduced ...
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Tax Deduction for Buying A Car For Business

Tax Deduction for Buying a Car for Business: Everything You Should Know

Claiming a tax deduction for buying a car for business purposes could save you some tax dollars each year.  However, ...
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The 5 Types of Trusts in Australia You Need to Know

The different types of trusts in Australia are widely used as a preferred business structure when it comes to investments, ...
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5 Simple Ways to Reduce Taxable Income For Small Businesses

Given that every cent counts in the current distressed market, as a small business owner, you’re going to want to ...
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Work from Home Deductions

6 Working From Home Deductions You Can Claim

If you’re an employee working from home, you may be eligible to claim work from home deductions.  2020 has been a ...
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sole trader

The 6 Sole Trader Deductions You Can Claim

Knowing about your sole trader tax deductions will undoubtedly boost your tax return each year. Many of the costs that ...
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main residence exemption 6 year rule thumbnail

Main Residence Exemption 6 Year Rule: The Essential Guide

If you’re new to the property investment sphere, being aware of the main residence exemption 6 year rule could save ...
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small business cgt concessions

The 4 Small Business CGT Concessions Your Business Needs Now

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) offers significant benefits and small business CGT concessions in an attempt to recognise that they ...
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Home Office Expenses: The Essential Guide

Knowing about the tax deductions for your home office expenses will certainly boost your small business tax return.  However, many ...
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