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accrual vs cash accounting

The Accountant’s Guide to Accrual vs Cash Accounting

As a business owner, knowing the difference between the two accounting methods is vital because it can significantly impact your ...
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role of a director in a company

What is the Role of a Director in a Company?

Company directors play a critical role in the running of a company.  They are appointed by shareholders to act as ...
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Director ID

Everything You Need To Know About Director ID

In an effort to promote good corporate conduct, tackle illegal phoenix activity and prevent fraudulent director identities, the Australian government ...
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non commercial losses

Non-Commercial Losses Explained (The 5 Rules You Need To Know)

It is not uncommon for new sole trader or partnership businesses to operate at a loss for the first few ...
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how to close a company

The Accountant’s Guide on How to Close a Company

The last thing that any business owner wants to think about is closing their company. However, considering the worldwide pandemic ...
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what happens when a company goes into liquidation

What Happens When a Company Goes Into Liquidation?

Considering the current state of the worldwide economy following the effects of the pandemic, it’s no surprise the business owners ...
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trading insolvent

The Essential Guide to Trading Insolvent (And What You Should Do)

With the recent economic downturn, many companies have struggled to keep their heads above water and stay afloat.  But, if ...
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capital gains tax on sales of business

The 4 Things to Know About Capital Gains Tax on Sale of Business

It's no secret that capital gains tax (CGT) is a complicated topic.  In fact, CGT can be one of the ...
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business exit strategy

The Essential Guide to a Successful Business Exit Strategy

When starting your own business, it's easy to not think about when you'll need a business exit strategy.  But as ...
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accountant for doctors

How To Choose The Best Accountant for Doctors

Medical professionals are constantly juggling their day-to-day practice and the business side of things.  But, let's face it, as a ...
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tax deductions for doctors

The 9 Best Tax Deductions For Doctors

Doctors are among the highest-earning professionals in Australia. And the higher the income, the higher the marginal tax rate. But ...
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capital gains tax on shares thumbnail

Capital Gains Tax on Shares: Everything You Need to Know

Capital gains tax is an unavoidable expense that many investors have to face during their investment journey. Whether you own ...
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