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main residence exemption 6 year rule thumbnail

Main Residence Exemption 6 Year Rule: The Essential Guide

If you’re new to the property investment sphere, being aware of the main residence exemption 6 year rule could save ...
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small business cgt concessions

The 4 Small Business CGT Concessions Your Business Needs Now

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) offers significant benefits and small business CGT concessions in an attempt to recognise that they ...
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home office expenses thumbnail

Home Office Expenses: The Essential Guide

Knowing about the tax deductions for your home office expenses will certainly boost your small business tax return.  However, many ...
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R&D tax incentive banner image

The Essential Guide to Apply for an R&D Tax Incentive

In an effort to drive innovation, the Australian Government offers an R&D tax incentive to companies who invest in research ...
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fringe benefits tax feature image

The Ultimate Guide on Fringe Benefits Tax

As a business owner, you could be liable for fringe benefits tax by providing benefits to your employees, or even ...
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Federal Budget

Everything You Need to Know About the 2020-21 Australian Federal Budget

With claims that the 2020-21 federal budget is the most significant budget in decades, it’s crucial to understand how it ...
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cashflow boost audit article feature image

An Accountant’s Tips on Dealing with Cashflow Boost Audits

The ATO has announced that it will be actively reviewing entitlements by conducting cashflow boost audits and JobKeeper audits. At ...
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jobkeeper audit article feature image

JobKeeper Audits: How to Deal with the ATO

JobKeeper audits will form a big focus for the ATO as JobKeeper 1.0 comes to an end. The ATO has ...
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Family Trust Benefits

What is a Family Trust? The Essential Guide

Updated: 30 October 2020 Family trust benefits can have significant positive impacts on your family finances for some individual situations ...
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Questions to Ask Your Accountant

6 Questions To Ask Your Accountant That Can Save You Thousands

So, you may have recently switched accountants, or you may have just started a new business venture. Perhaps you've just ...
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How to Calculate Capital Gains Tax

3 Simple Methods: How To Calculate Capital Gains Tax (And Concessions You Can Take Advantage Of!)

Understanding how to calculate capital gains tax is incredibly useful in all stages of owning an asset whether it's looking ...
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Chartered Accountants and Accountants

The Major Differences Between Chartered Accountants and Accountants

Trying to find out the difference between Chartered Accountants and Accountants? When you're looking for an accountant for your business, ...
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