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The 2 Most Common Types of ASIC Penalties in 2019

As an accountant, you start to see patterns and this is no different with mistakes made with Australian and Securities ...
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6 Characteristic of a Great Accountant

We've all cherished the stereotypical idea of an accountant sitting in a lonesome office crunching away at numbers for hours ...
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What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

If you run a business, it's important to protect your business against potential legal costs and claims by third parties ...
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Bucket Companies: How You Can Save $1000s in Tax With This Strategy

Bucket companies, also known as corporate beneficiaries or a dump company, are an incredibly useful strategy for tax planning and ...
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Land Tax and How You Can Reduce It

A Quick Story I want to tell you a quick story of a new client situation we often get (about ...
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3 Steps to Reducing Your Accounting Fees

Finding out if you're being charged the correct fees by an accountant and whether it's necessary for certain services can ...
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6 Reasons You Need Financial Statements (And What They Are)

Often, a common question I receive from clients who are starting their own business for the first time is whether ...
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4 Simple Steps to Have Your FTL Penalties Remitted by the Tax Office

Part of your business obligations is to ensure that you are meeting all lodgement and reporting deadlines as required by ...
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7 Tips to Improve Your Business Cash Flow – Why Cash Flow is King!

Without fail, one of the most common issues I've run into is business owners come to me confused about why ...
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5 MUST Have Apps For Your Small Business (2019)

If you’re a small business owner and looking to increase productivity and organisation, it’s important to utilise the power of ...
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How Do Tax Deductions Work?

Tax deductions can assist with increasing your tax refund. As a business owner, you can claim deductions for the majority ...
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Choosing a Business Structures – Pty Ltd Company vs. Discretionary Trust

Like all major business decisions, deciding on a suitable business structure requires a full understanding of the advantages and disadvantages ...
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