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Electric Car FBT Exemption

Electric Car FBT Exemption

In 2022, the Australian Government introduced the Treasury Laws Amendment (Electric Car Discount) Bill  to amend the Fringe Benefits Tax ...
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Why and When Should You Consider a Business Restructure?

Why and When Should You Consider a Business Restructure?

Any well-established business owner will tell you that investing in your employees’ skills and development is a critical factor in ...
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accountant for doctors

How To Choose The Best Accountant for Doctors

Medical professionals constantly juggle their day-to-day practice with the business side of things.  But let's face it, as a doctor, ...
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RBA Interest Rate Raise

What Does the RBA Interest Rate Rise Mean for You and Your Business?

As anyone who has lodged a tax return will know, deductions can be a lifesaver when reducing your tax bill ...
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tax deductions for doctors

The 9 Best Tax Deductions For Doctors

Doctors are among the highest-earning professionals in Australia. And the higher the income, the higher the marginal tax rate. But ...
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fuel tax credits

Fuel Tax Credits Explained

Claiming fuel tax credit can provide a significant reduction in the amount of tax you pay on your business’s operating ...
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holding company

Advantages & Disadvantages of a Holding Company

If you’re an entrepreneur or director of a small business, I’m sure you’ve heard about setting up a holding company ...
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wine equalisation tax thumbnail

Everything You Need to Know About Wine Equalisation Tax

Wine equalisation tax is levied on wine consumption in Australia. Wine production makes up a considerable part of the agricultural ...
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How to do BAS statement thumbnail

The Ultimate Guide on How To Do a BAS Statement

Feeling unsure on how to do a BAS statement?  If you’re a GST registered business, it’s that time of year ...
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land tax thumbnail

The Ultimate Guide on Land Tax

As an investor, there are several property taxes that you need to be aware of, one of them being a ...
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directors fees ato thumbnail

The Ultimate Guide to Directors Fees ATO

Are you feeling uncertain when it comes to paying directors’ fees and being compliant with the ATO? You’re not alone.  ...
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ATO Audit - What To Do

#1 Guide to Surviving an ATO Audit

So you or your accountant has been notified that an ATO review and/or an ATO audit will take place on ...
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Financial Statements

6 Important Reasons Why You Need Financial Statements

Often, a common question I receive from clients who are starting their own business for the first time is whether ...
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Failure to Lodge Penalty

4 Steps To Remit Your Failure To Lodge Penalties

Failure to lodge penalties are enforced by the ATO when businesses are not meeting their reporting obligations. If you have ...
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How Do Tax Deductions Work Australia

How Do Tax Deductions Work? (Turning a $250 Tax Bill to a $2,500 Tax Refund)

Many people hear about tax deductions but don't precisely understand how tax deductions work in Australia. So the obvious question ...
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Tax Minimisation - Reduce Your BAS

3 Easy Ways Towards Business Tax Minimisation & Pay Less on BAS

One of the most common questions concerning tax minimisation I get asked from small business owners and contractors: whether I ...
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