Business Structure

Find out which business structure is best for your small business

Fundamentals on How to Buy or Sell a Business

Are you looking to buy or sell a business and not sure where to start? In this article, I'll go ...
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Business Structure - Company or Trust

Choosing a Business Structure – Company or Trust

Like all major business decisions, deciding on a suitable business structure requires a full understanding of the advantages and disadvantages ...
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Winding Up a Company

3 Steps In Winding Up a Company

When winding up a company, it’s imperative that you follow the correct process to ensure that your proprietary limited company ...
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7 Step Guide to Choosing the Right Business Structure

A common question that a lot of new business owners ask themselves is "what business structure should I choose?". The ...
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What Business Structure Should You Choose? Sole Trader or Company?

Should you start your contractor business as a sole trader or company? Choosing a business a sole trader or company ...
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5 Benefits of Setting Up a Pty Ltd Company (2019)

Many clients ask me why they should set up a Pty Ltd company. The answer to that is - it ...
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