Latest startup advice for your small business

3 Simple Steps to Hiring Your First Employee

What to look out for when looking to bring new employees on board Looking at hiring for the first time ...
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2019 Guide to Understanding Employer Obligations

Understanding Employer Obligations As an employer, it’s imperative to understand that your employer obligations extend further than the monetary compensation ...
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Business Registrations

9 Business Registrations Your Businesses Needs

Are you starting your own business? Starting a business is an exciting time for any entrepreneur. Often times, this can ...
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Step by Step Guide on Switching Accountants

Time to switch accountant? Generally, businesses will make the decision to change accountants for a number of reasons. This guide ...
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7 Step Guide to Choosing the Right Business Structure

A common question that a lot of new business owners ask themselves is "what business structure should I choose?". The ...
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What Business Structure Should You Choose? Sole Trader or Company?

Should you start your contractor business as a sole trader or company? Choosing a business a sole trader or company ...
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5 Benefits of Setting Up a Pty Ltd Company (2019)

Many clients ask me why they should set up a Pty Ltd company. The answer to that is - it ...
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4 Ways to Draw Money Out of a PTY LTD Company

Drawing money out of your company for personal use Many contractors choose to operate out of a Pty Ltd company ...
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Is a Verbal Agreement Legally Binding?

There is a lot of conjecture as to whether a written contract is required for all agreements or is a ...
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Guide to Setting up a Business Bank Account

Business Bank Account Guide for Contractors If you are operating your contractor business under a company, you will require a ...
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